Monday, September 12, 2011

SPX, Thumbnails, and The Future

SPX turned out to be a fantastic experience.  Met a lot of awesome people and got to look at a lot of amazing work.  I also had the opportunity to show a lot of my work to a new crop of audience. 

For no particular reason, below is my thumbnail to layout pics of my fourth issue (page 20).  I'm still working on some mainstream prints to show at Baltimore in 2012 and will probably work on a children's comic based on a group of animal characters I made a few years ago, called Menagerie Bizarre.  After that, it's back to Skyscraper with a new limited series called "The Inherited Rise of Charming" which will dive into Charming's endeavors to find a new market for his illegal 'bubblegum' racket and a boxing promotion. 

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